Carement recruitment

Carement Oy is a safe and interactive workplace that offers equal opportunities for career advancement. We encourage our employees to develop both themselves and our products and services, and promote a solution-focused, flexible mindset. The atmosphere among our team of highly-skilled professionals and young builders of the future is positive and enthusiastic.

A flexible employer, excellent team spirit and great workmates

Hannele Mikkola - Carement OyHannele Mikkola
 The opportunity and freedom to work in your own way

Matti Sirviö - Carement OyMatti Sirviö
 A youthful work community where you’ll enjoy spending time with your workmates after work too.

Mikko Puhakka - Carement OyMikko Puhakka
 You can seek different duties according to your interests.

Matti Hirvonen - Carement OyMatti Hirvonen
 Carement gives its skilful staff the freedom to make their own decisions and encourages them to develop both themselves and its products and services.

Matias Kärkkäinen - Carement OyMatias Kärkkäinen

We are continuously seeking experienced professionals for various projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Jouni Juurikka - Carement Oy

Jouni Juurikka

CEO, Head of Department | Construction and other expert services

+358 40 730 2053

Sotilaankuja 2 B, 90130 OULU

Tiina Leiviskä - Carement Oy

Tiina Leiviskä

Head of Department | Maintenance and management

+358 400 385 104

Sotilaankuja 2 B, 90130 OULU

Juha-Pekka Lamminsivu- Carement Oy

Juha-Pekka Lamminsivu

Head of Department | Route data services and surveys

+358 50 313 8376

Varastotie 2, 96100 ROVANIEMI

Jukka Kirjavainen - Carement Oy

Jukka Kirjavainen

Head of Department | Maintenance, pavements and road markings

+358 40 576 1841

Ainonkatu 5, 77600 SUONENJOKI