Maintenance, pavements and road markings

Maintenance, pavements and road markings2018-01-23T15:01:43+00:00

We offer project management, planning and quality control services for road maintenance, ranging from individual assignments to complete turnkey projects.

Our services may include, for example, the planning of steps to be taken according to the customer’s needs. Additional surveys can be performed to support the planning, such as GPR measurements, bearing capacity surveys or drill cores of the bearing course. With our reliable network of partners, we also take care of any additional surveys you may need. Our core know-how includes the supervision of work, both for quality and safety.

Because our team of professionals consists of top experts in pavements, road markings and reconstruction, we are able to take care of maintenance according to our customer’s needs, from planning the implementation of the project all the way to acceptance and any necessary remedial actions during the warranty period.


Maintenance, pavements and road markings
  • Maintenance planning

  • Construction contracting and supervision

  • Competitive tendering

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