Route data services and surveys

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Our route data services include information applications for roads, as well as register updates and upkeep management. Our survey services comprise inventories of equipment and accessories, assessments of projects close to completion, pavement damage analyses and frost heave measurements, etc. We manage the condition of cities’, towns’ and municipalities’ road assets, an essential part of which are the condition assessments of street networks.

Condition assessments involve GPR measurements, video recording and distress analyses of roads and pedestrian and bicycle routes. The analysed results provide an accurate picture of the condition of the road assets and the amount and development of the repair deficit falling on the street network in question. We perform GPR measurements in both built-up and unbuilt environments. In built-up environments, GPR measurements are utilised, for example, in rebuilding plans for streets and roads. As supplementary measurements, we also provide level of service and bearing capacity surveys through our network of reliable partners.

We have provided road network surveys for more than 25 municipalities in Finland and route data and measuring services for the Finnish Transport Agency and Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment since 2006. Our expert and innovative staff and cutting-edge technologies guarantee our customers end products of the highest quality.

Route data services and surveys
  • Road network, traffic and geographical information services

  • Condition analyses, measurements and inventories of road and route assets

  • Soil and rock surveys and infrastructure planning

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